We want you to have a no-stress experience before, during, and after your trip. With Magellan you are provided a ready to share custom website designed specifically for your trip. We’re able to do this because we’ve customized the content of your trip with exactly your needs and what you are passionate about.


We’re organizing your group trip and we guarantee your group will never be mixed with another school group. Your program coordinator will assist you through each step beginning with unique program flyers and conducting a pre-departure meeting.


Once your itinerary is finalized we are proud to guarantee the price offered to parents as final. Parents will not be asked to pay last minute charges or supplements for excursions.


Magellan travelers should arrive in their destination rested. We strive to deliver the best airline routing possible with minimum layover time whenever possible. We want you to sleep on your flight and arrive rested for your hotel check in upon arrival.



The “My School Day Abroad” feature is unique to Magellan Study Abroad. We organize for your group a visit to a high school in their destination country and time to meet and interact with their peers. We think this truly is the best way to understand a foreign country and its culture.

For peace of mind and safety we provide comprehensive cancellation and travel insurance for all students and staff and for parents, family and friends Magellan will maintain a travel blog or send emails from abroad with pictures and video links.

These ethics have lead us to earn the appreciation and respect of the teachers who every trust us for their travel needs. Start planning with a company that helps you plan incredible school trips at the best price.



At Magellan, we’re always thinking about the impact our marketing has on the world we introduce to students. And we know that impact continues after teachers, parents, and students look through a 60-page destination brochure. That’s why nearly 3 years ago Magellan stopped producing annual “brochures” and began showcasing our programs exclusively online. It’s just one way Magellan is helping to preserve our planet, for your child and all the students to come.

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