Since the inception of Magellan Study Abroad nearly 10 years ago, it was clear that we really needed to offer students an exceptional school trip. An array of workshops and activities became a Magellan standard, with My School Day Abroad becoming the unique feature. Magellan Study Abroad trips encourage students to leave the “tourist” label behind and truly engage with the culture they are visiting.


Organized activities during lunchtime, classroom visits, and afternoon excursions combine to make an unforgettable experience.  Students are welcomed into classrooms to get a glimpse of what life is like for student peers abroad. Visits to historical sites and cultural workshops are presented after school. Teachers are not left out of the fun. They are usually invited to visit classrooms to see the student interaction or to the teachers lounge to spend time with their host teacher.


As a unique feature of Magellan group trips My School Day Abroad is included in every itinerary. Teachers often look forward to future visits after their first time traveling with Magellan and find it an indispensable activity of Magellan Study Abroad programs.

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